Table of Contents


Part I: Duty

  1. Ascent
  2. Star Power
  3. Call to Duty
  4. Crusade

 Part II: An Age of Peril

  1. Scorpions in a Bottle
  2. Confronting McCarthy
  3. Dark Arts for a Cold War
  4. Asian Dominoes
  5. A Murder in Mississippi
  6. God, Government and the Middle Way
  7. To the Summit
  8. A Formidable Indifference
  9. Double Cross at Suez

 Part III: Race, Rockets and Revolution

  1. The Color Line
  2. Ike’s Missile Crisis
  3. Contending with Khrushchev
  4. Secret Wars in the Third World
  5. Shoot Down
  6. Fighting to the Finish
  7. A New Generation