Cold War

Solarium Task Force A, Eisenhower’s Policy of Containment. July 16, 1953

A top-secret document from July, 1953. This demonstrates Eisenhower’s policy of containment towards the Soviet Union in the early years of the Cold War that consequently set an important precedent for administrations to come.


NSC-162-2: Eisenhower’s Cold War Grand Strategy. October 30, 1953

The “Basic National Security Policy” of the United States, written in October 1953 under President Eisenhower. This was one of the most important statements of American security policy ever written because it lay the plans for the creation of the military-industrial complex.


Gaither Report, “Deterrence & Survival in the Nuclear Age.” November 7, 1957

A report reviewing U.S. defense readiness in the wake of the Soviet success in launching the Sputnik satellite in October of 1957. The report recommends a vigorous campaign to build fallout shelters to protect American citizens, and suggests that America is falling behind the Soviet Union.